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8/22/2023, 10:36 PM

94 Reads is out - A business around a freelancer

Uhtred M

Entrepreneur & Full-stack Developer | Looking for a Job

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After years, I finally decided to take some time (approximately 2 months) to develop my personal website. It’s finally finished (or a good part of it hahah) and available to the world!

I decided to set up a website that presents me as the Product Developer freelancer that I am, someone capable of putting together the ideal on-demand team for the realization of a specific product.

In general, the website will serve to:

  • Present the success cases that I developed with my team. The cases/portfolio I’m referring to here are not just mockups that lead to a client’s website, but details of the project/challenge. Its origin, related people and companies, the problem detected, the solution presented and how we implement it.
  • Share various insights about business, freelancing, programming, design, finance and other topics that can bring people together. Insights will be written by me and partners. You can be one of those partners too, here’s the invitation.
  • Provide some digital products that can complement other entrepreneurs and freelancers.

There isn’t much content yet, but we already have enough to get a sense of what I just described above, so I invite you to explore the website and share your impressions if you wish.

Here are some technical details about the website:

  • Front-end developed with Nuxt.js 3.
  • Back-end and Back-office developed with Python and Django (Django Admin is the best!!)
  • Build, test and delivery automation with Gitlab CI and Google Cloud Build
  • Every website is on Google Cloud, some featured products are: Cloud SQL, Cloud Run and Cloud Storage

That’s it, stay tuned for the next achievements!

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